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Privacy Policy

Please refer to our privacy policy page (www.babyshopindia.in/privacy-policy) for detailed information on our privacy practices.


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When you register on our website and provide your contact details, including phone number and email ID, we may communicate to you via these by posting offers, new product launches, and recommendations. You can always choose to stop receiving communication from our end by contacting our customer support team.

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When you choose to create an account on The Baby Shop India, you will be providing your personal information here. All information you provide will be safeguarded by our team. Look at our privacy policy page (www.babyshopindia.in/privacy-policy) for detailed information on these.

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If you suspect your account is being used unauthorization, please get in touch with us right away and also change your password. You can choose to remove your account details from our website by contacting us and requesting for deactivation of your account.

Please note that when this is done, all your stored information on our servers will be lost.

Risk of damage and loss

The liability of the risk of damage and loss of products bought from us ends after you receive the product in good condition. Post successful delivery, the risk of damage and loss passes on to the customer.


We work with leading logistic providers, and shipping services are available across the country and internationally too. Please read through our shipping policy ( www.babyshopindia.in/shipping) to know more.

Refunds and Exchanges

All products delivered in a damaged condition are eligible for free refunds and exchanges. Refer to our refunds and exchanges policy ( www.babyshopindia.com/refundandcancellations/ ) for more information.

Cancellation and Deactivation of an Account

Baby Shop India holds the discretion to deactivate or cancel an account or an order without the need for prior notice or explanation.

We also reserve the right to refuse to fulfill an order placed if there are problems with the details provided.


We strive very hard to ensure all information, graphics, and content on our website are accurate and thoughtfully presented. However, we will not be held accountable in the following scenarios.

  • Errors or mistakes in the website content
  • Inaccuracies in website content
  • Any interruption while using the website
  • Bugs/viruses that could be transmitted while using our website

We are also not liable if some of the products/services are not available on the website without prior notice.

We reserve the right to make changes to the content of the website anytime and alter descriptions without prior notice.

We do not completely warrant that all electronic modes of communication from our end will be free of viruses or harmful additions.

Disputes and Laws

Baby Shop India is based out of New Delhi, and any dispute that you raise against the brand will be settled under the jurisdiction of the New Delhi High Court. When you visit www.babyshopindia.in, you agree to adhere to the rules of Indian Law.

Addressing Grievances

Any problems and grievances that you may have while using www.babyshopindia.in can be directed to our customer support team. You can call us on Shipping charges, WhatsApp at +91 77602 14936 or email us at care@babyshopindia.in
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